AHow Your Body Affects Your Happiness: Tal Shafir at TEDxJaffa 2013
Published on Nov 4, 2013
FI Demo with David Zemach-Bersin

Published on Feb 19, 2016

NY7 Segment 4

Amphibian Movements with Genevieve

A Feldenkrais Lesson for the Beginner Scientist: Professor Dorit Aharonov at TEDxJaffa
FA Documentary on the Feldenkrais Method
2017/6.5 by rufeldenkrais

A documentary about Moshe Feldenkrais and the method he created.



フェルデンクライス•メソッドを学ぶことで、何が期待できるか etc. (ビデオは英語ですが。。とても参考になります。)

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